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Though you wrote in black and white #

# you Bought Color in my LIFE

NFT- Non-Fungible Token Real Estate

The tokenization of property refers to the method of making a tokenized digital twin for a private realty object. The token represents the physical counterpart — like a private apartment, a family home, an apartment complex, or a whole edifice. The tokens are collectively managed by some quite distributed ledger networks.

In order to tokenize real assets like a non-public home, one generates a token with a wise contract and associates a price of that specific real asset with a token. The ownership right and other conditional rights to the corresponding tokenized representation are often…

As far as all cryptocurrencies are volatile, their rates change every second.

For example, with the “London” hard fork breakthrough, Ethereum becomes an MVP of the month, albeit it always wont to lose to Bitcoin.

Interestingly, it’s not on the present list, despite its recent July growth of $40000.

Nonetheless, Bitcoin should be a king of crypto, but what other digital currencies do one must bear in mind? Follow the thought with


Nowadays, Ethereum is that the absolute crypto-market MVP. Moreover, in recent months, its rate has been far more stable than Bitcoin. …

Everyone likes to hear music.

“Music is an ART”

Long travel, window seats, drizzling raindrops, and headphones with favorite music make the best feeling like heaven.

In human societies, music is a universal cultural aspect.

Some of the music playing instruments like Piano, guitar, timbre, drums, or violin.

And a composition through an element is melody, rhythm, and harmony.

Music is one of the best ones in the world. When we hear music in any sorrowful situation, the music dissolves all the worries.

Music stimulates a range of emotions.

Did you know that?

Did you know about trading and the share market?

Now we let’s move on to the topic, what is trading, share market, binance coin and etc.

Now that days there are many cryptocurrencies are here. One of the main topics is the Binance coin.

What is the Binance Coin? Who invented it?

Binance is the platform to exchange cryptocurrencies, trade, and pay fees in the binance.

This is the largest exchange in the world for daily trading.

The founder and CEO of binance are Changpeng Zhao, he is a Chinese Canadian coder. It was launched in July 2017.

They provide…

Today we let discuss some interesting spicy peak topics. We all know about games, but most of them do not know about NFT gaming.

We all are like to play games with our favorite one. Games have many varieties (ie) indoor games, outdoor games, and also video games.

“But what is NFT gaming? How we will play this?”

The gaming field is interesting and entertaining for us.

The board games are called a senet.

Nowadays the gaming field using some innovative and unique technology to attract users.

Now we are going to see about some mind-blowing topics.

NFT Gaming World:

IEO is a fundraising event to raise capital by selling utility tokens on the exchange.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO):

Initial Exchange Offering is a fundraising mechanism that is referred to as (IEO) it startup raises money through a trading platform where the issuers create a token for their projects.

This IEO is closely followed by an STO (Security Token Offering) s carried out through crypto platforms and exchanges. This is a token-based fundraising platform.

It meets the necessary commitments. Using the IEO fundraising by using the IEO fundraising reduces the burden KYC/AML process on the issuers and it takes the…

Do we know what is currency? But a few people only know about cryptocurrency. Ok, what is cryptocurrency?

Unless the cryptocurrency is not a paper currency it is a digital currency.

I tell you some secrets, the word crypto is means concealed.

Nowadays it reaches the market and these are the trending topic with a kudos.

“Understanding cryptocurrency is essential.”


  • Cryptocurrency — This is the form of digital assets.
  • Use the money to buy assets.
  • Exchanges the assets with online goods or services.
  • Cryptocurrency is encrypted with decentralized digital currency.
  • Here the transactions are managed by blockchain technology and…

We all know about the normal wallet, but what is a digifox wallet?

Ok, let’s move on to this.

A digifox wallet is a non-custodial smart contract wallet. This wallet offers both the defi(Decentralized finance) and cefi(Centralized finance). The wallet is used in both the IOS and android, by using this digifox wallet we can swap the cryptocurrencies. This is the platform to swap coins, earn interest.

The digifox is an ethereum smart contract wallet. And that the digifox was launched by the crypto traders and also a Youtuber whose name is “NICHOLAS MERTEN”. This is powered by a “KEBER”…

In the financial industry nowadays the blockchain technology spreads exponentially. Blockchain technology is a cryptocurrency transaction where the blockchain is a decentralized world (Digi world). Here the transactions records are immutable and this may contain a digital transaction.

Every blockchain technology has a block, at that each block it stored a piece of information. By using this way of blockchain technology the banking sector moving from the traditional method to high security.

The advantage is the blockchain technology is used in the banking sector and it improves efficiency and it enhances security. In blockchain technology, it is a digital ledger…



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