2 Stories that prove crowdfunding works!

Everybody loves food, and there are a lot of foodies around the world. A chef and restaurant owner came up with an offer that was eye candy to such people.

The chef wanted to build his business, but banks did not support him, they refused to fund him. He launched a crowdfunding campaign online and offered free lunches. 891 people donated to his crowdfunding plan, and he started a new restaurant

Soon he started the highest funding restaurant project.

The second incident is about a mobile-first bank. They did crowdfunding, giving their investors a 3.33% equity share. One million guys invested in just one minute 36 seconds!.

We can expect many more incidents and stories to happen in the near future.

2023-There will be 12,063,870 campaigns, researchers say.

2030-the crowdfunding market will be 300 billion

The concept or business behind those stories-

There are many types of crowdfunding- equity-based, reward-based, donation based.

Donating money but with some expectation of gains or organizations paying back their donors with money or valuables is rewards-based crowdfunding. It greatly supports, it is best for businessmen planning to launch new products,pre-trading.

Inequity crowdfunding, people hold shares of a company not listed in the stock market.

But donation-based crowdfunding platforms are not business-oriented, and they are run by non-governmental organizations.

We are a crowdfunding platform developing company. we help you set up a crowdfunding platform without hassle.

Any number of people can be involved in funding from any part of the world.

The platform will be a single place through which you can track all of your donors/participants and activities.

Our technology will give security for both the platform owners and the donors.

crowdfunding development services in india

Common features the crowdfunding platform will have:

1. Payment gateways supporting multiple Currencies

2. Settings to track campaign progress, gamification, sending notifications to the participants

3. social sharing option, which helps bring in more people to participate.

4. Quick fund requests approval option

5. Features to support fundraising in multiple ways.

At clarisco, we try to understand the donors and we create tools to engage and aid them. Based on the crowdfunding platform our customers want to set up, we customize the platform.




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