Nowadays one of the spirited topics is “ Do you want TESLA to accept DOGE?” This topic is spread like a wildfire.


Ok, who is ELON MUSK?

He is one of the business magnates and also “founder, CEO, CTO, and chief designer in SpaceX” who co-founded “Paypal” one of the early investors in “TESLA”.

“TESLA — An electric car company”

Musk is one of the richest person in the world, and he conveys his opinion about cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. One of the customers purchased the “TESLA” vehicles with bitcoin; here the carmaker bought “$1.5 …


Let’s talk about cryptocurrency wallets. Yeah, we all know “WHAT IS WALLET” But we don’t know about the “Cryptocurrency Wallet”. Nowadays this cryptocurrency wallet is a trending topic. “Jump into this article”.

Normally we know what a wallet is, it just helps to store the money and the cards. Now we enter into the topic, “WHAT IS CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLET?”

The traditional currencies are digital currencies(ie) “ethereum, ripple, bitcoin, etc”. Alright we see our physical currency and that has some shape but in these cryptocurrency coins it does not have any shape or form and it can be stored anywhere.

Today we just moved into the cryptocurrency exchange world, let’s begin to start “already we discussed cryptocurrency development in the last article”.

This is the “Digital World” In that ancient period they used a “Barter System” then we used a “Money Exchange” method But now we use cards like (ATM cards, Debit cards, Credit cards, etc.). A new topic is going trend in our digital world nowadays (ie) the “CRYPTOCURRENCY” exchange. This is regulated by an Open source and it works on the Peer-to-peer network.

The first cryptocurrency is expressed as a bitcoin where it was founded by the elegant…

clarisco-decentralized application
clarisco-decentralized application

In this anecdote, I tell about some astonishing new technology and also I share my discovery of a charming new technique (ie) “Decentralized application”. In this pandemic situation, we will face huge problems.

“Ready to start”

We know about App but many people do not know about the dApp.

“Probably the dApp is a different app?”

“Oh no, it is not a different app its a decentralized app”

Just come on I will make a clear definition of App:

This is software that just carries out some specific task and it is used by end-users. It’s mainly built for a…

In our article, we give a glossy clear explanation about this real estate tokenization. We know about real estate but nowadays all are talking about real estate tokenization, Most of them are confused about real estate tokenization.

“Let’s Move Into The Topic”

In this real estate tokenization, multiple stakeholders are involved, so the real estate is more complex. Here real estate provides a White Label Tokenization Platform.

A Newly Arrived- Real Estate Tokenization:

In this current period of 2021, we all will know about the famous “CRYPTOCURRENCY”.

“This is going to be a long sweet article, so let’s make coffee or some snacks as a company while reading this article”.

Here we add some more “crispy knowledge” about the cryptocurrency and also bitcoin, “let dip some cookies and read this article.”

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency where it was released by “SATOSHI NAKAMOTO” in 2009, Bitcoin is one of the Cryptocurrency and I will lead you through the excursion of what is “cryptocurrency”.

“Make a Big View About Cryptocurrency”.

Cryptocurrency” is a digital…

initial coin offering
initial coin offering


Nowadays there has been a lot of confusion about the ICO (ie) Initial Coin Offering and also called Token Sale or Token generation.

Here Financial is an essential part of our day-to-day life, Money is necessary for any exchange in the real world.

“In 2017 first ethereum was launched and ICO is a good investment”.

“In 2013 where the first ICO was carried out, the successful example of ethereum is an ICO and in 2014 raised over $18.5 million in its profit for the investors.”

What is an ICO?

A pure peer-to-peer network does not require a centralized platform that is used to share the files and it’s a connected network, it interacts with each person. It will share its resources through its common server.

In this P2P network, there are no middlemen needed in this network system, here every person acts as a peer, and all the nodes have equal power and it performs the same task.

This P2P allows buyers and sellers to trade without the need of a third party and also it connects the lenders and the borrowers.


Some of the examples for P2P…

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the first step one day it may fulfill all our financial needs. In this way, we get loans and issuing security with the exchanging services, market, and also trading, etc. Here we created an innovation, likely unique and it combined all the applications.

Now let see about what is DeFi:

This is the blockchain-based form of finance and here there is no need for intermediaries change such as brokerages or exchanges and also it offers traditional finance. Here it utilizes smart contracts on the blockchain, Ethereum is the most common in this defi.

Here this is…

What is Blockchain:

Blockchain technology is the type of RECORD-keeping tool where the information is stored. It was invented by a person whose name is “SATOSHI NAKAMOTO”, This is also referred to as a peer-to-peer network. And this is a growing list of records. Every block contains a hash of the previous block, transaction data and also has a timestamp.

“Here the charm is every block of the blockchain are tied up with one another”

First of all these computers verify all of the transaction one-to-one methods and then it is added to the block (it means information) and these…



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