A Peek into BEP20 Token Development

Today, almost everyone is quite aware of crypto tokens. Still wondering what a crypto token is? We got you!. A crypto token is a virtual currency token that represents a tradable asset or utility, built on an existing blockchain, using smart contracts, allowing the holder to use it for investment purposes. The common connectivity between Ethereum, Tron, EOS, waves, Binance smart chain, etc is — they are an open-source blockchain platform.

Even though other blockchain platforms are popular, the binance smart chain has its own fanbase!. They introduced binance chain for binance DEX as its open-source blockchain platform. It is a life-saver for startups/entrepreneurs looking to raise funds and gain popularity in the marketplace.

How to create a BEP20 Token — A Look

BEP20 token (an update of BEP2 token) is used to create decentralized apps, smart contracts, and more. These tokens can be converted into NFT using the Binance blockchain. But why the hype? BEP20 gained popularity because BEP20 token transactions are way faster when compared to other standard tokens in the blockchain space.

Let’s take a look at BEP20 token development.

If you have deep knowledge about Binance Smart Chain platforms and blockchain coding skills, the process of token development is quite simple. The list of elements to be considered while developing are -

Token name
Token symbol
Token decimal place
Token supply
Token features

Does this token development process seem too tedious? Do you prefer a professional’s help or additional bep-20 token development services? We got your back!.

At Clarisco, we will help you create a fully functional BEP20 standard token with outstanding features. Our team of Blockchain Experts will help you right from the ideation to the token deployment. Our standard development procedure involves :

Research and Analysis
Testing and Deployment
Maintenance & Support

Desirable features of our BEP20 Token Development

We integrate various salient features into our BEP20 token development service. These are -

Compatible with other frameworks
Smart Contracts Implementation
BEP20 Compliant
Fully Decentralized
Verified Source Code
Customizable decimals
Cross-matching with BEP2
Dual Chain Architecture and more!

Whether you’re a startup or an entrepreneur looking for a cost-efficient BEP20 Token Development, we at Clarisco are ready to transform your notion into a reality.


By developing a BEP20 token and performing transactions on top of the binance smart chain, you can experience significant efficiency in real-time. The hype is real and so is the need to develop BEP20 tokens. With BEP20 tokens gaining prominence all over the world, developing a BEP20 token for your business will be a boon!.





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