Binance Coin (BNB)

Did you know about trading and the share market?

Now we let’s move on to the topic, what is trading, share market, binance coin and etc.

Now that days there are many cryptocurrencies are here. One of the main topics is the Binance coin.

What is the Binance Coin? Who invented it?

Binance is the platform to exchange cryptocurrencies, trade, and pay fees in the binance.

This is the largest exchange in the world for daily trading.

The founder and CEO of binance are Changpeng Zhao, he is a Chinese Canadian coder. It was launched in July 2017.

They provide a crypto wallet for their users to trade and store electronic funds. Here the binance coin is run in the ethereum blockchain and they follow the ERC-20 tokens.

At per second, there are 1.4 million transactions are done.

Here the users earn interest and they transact by using the way of cryptocurrencies.

The binance using 2-factor authentication to secure and protect the user’s account. By trading with binance it keeps the expert traders happy and they make you an expert in the trading. Binance initial operation is the ICO platform.

Binance is a trustworthy and secure company to trade and store electronic funds. The symbol of binance is BNB.

Through a binance it allows you to buy cryptocurrencies while using a credit card.

Here each and every investor received a token the tokens are in the form of (Binance or BNB). The BNB is used for trading in the other cryptocurrencies and it is used to save fees.

Binance Fees:

It’s really very attractive for more trading they offer only 0.1% fees. By using this you get an additional 25% discount.

Binance SAFU:

SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for User) is an emergency fund to compensate the users.

In case the user’s funds are stolen, trading fees it funded 10% on the platform.

By using a binance financial saving account you can deposit crypto and also earn some interest.


It supports a variety of cryptocurrencies and there is a lot of trading options. This is a great place for beginners traders.