Community Update — “Hashmask”

Ok, what is a hashmask? Normally we know about masks but what is this new one?

“Let Us Check it Out”

“This is a collectibles history and it has become a part of digital arts.”

It covers “70” artists and this is the living digital art collectibles. It holds “16,384” collections of unique digital portraits. It is from “ZUG” Switzerland. This is one of the largest collaborative topics in NFT(Non-Fungible Token) art projects in existence.

Tribes Competition in Hashmask:

We will share more information about this topic here the tribes take advantage of their mask. This tournament aims to collaborate within tribes. The tribes are active and engage to participate in the hashmask team.

Hashmask Grant program:

In the grant program which offers the community members, builders, and also artists. The Hashmask team is blown away, hashmask launched over a week ago. Lots of excellent content we have done.

  • Officially the hashmask hit over 10,000 ETH in the secondary market.
  • This hashmask game uses the existing explicit and implicit traits, the users can compete against.
  • This is inspired by Snapchat and Instagram filters.
  • Hashmask builds a new art by existing.

Story of Decentralized Artistry:

The founders will share an inclusive and collaborative part of the NFT ecosystem and broader space of cryptocurrency and thus we want to share how we got here.

Terra Virtua Exhibit:

In twitch, Terra Virtual hosts a live event and streaming on it. Collectors will share their stories of how they found a hashmask and when they draw it. This is the world’s 1st immersive digital collectibles platform.

Virtual Worlds:

We understand the importance and the presence of both physical and virtual worlds. Here such worlds are decentraland, somnium, and also cryptovoxels. where we can present several different virtual worlds which exhibit and researching the digital land acquisition Hashmasks mainly increase brand awareness;


Mainly we are focused on earning the trust of collectors, artists, and fans of the digital asset. Hashmasks are rooted in the community it cultivates, promotes, and builds the brand. This is the new project in the NFT. If you have any ideas to promote the NFT space, please don’t hesitate to reach out to it.


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