Cryptoassets & Blockchain — Here’s what 2022 holds

Inarguably, 2021 was the year that Cryptoassets and Blockchain transformed into a mainstream fiscal affair from a mere peripheral subject matter. Even with the rapid growth in bitcoin’s market capitalization, ambiguity around the sector’s future still persists. Although regulatory and policymakers have made significant progress in understanding and processing Cryptoassets, the uncertainty around it continues. It is difficult to predict the future, especially in a fast-moving technology space like Blockchain and Cryptoassets.

Nevertheless, there’s no time like the present for forecasts and predictions, so let’s have a look at what might happen in 2022.

Here’s what 2022 holds!.

  1. Significant Acceptance of Bitcoin

It seems that the next year will be the year when regulations and rules catch up with market realities. Although it is too early to know how the Blockchain and Cryptoasset sectors will develop, it is evident that these technologies have become mainstream. It doesn’t matter how much a specific coin or token is valued, what is clear is the fact that Cryptoassets will be more widely accepted and understood. Investors, individuals, and business owners are advised to be on the lookout for this space when the calendar flips to 2022.



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