Cryptocurrency Exchange World!!!

Today we just moved into the cryptocurrency exchange world, let’s begin to start “already we discussed cryptocurrency development in the last article”.

This is the “Digital World” In that ancient period they used a “Barter System” then we used a “Money Exchange” method But now we use cards like (ATM cards, Debit cards, Credit cards, etc.). A new topic is going trend in our digital world nowadays (ie) the “CRYPTOCURRENCY” exchange. This is regulated by an Open source and it works on the Peer-to-peer network.

The first cryptocurrency is expressed as a bitcoin where it was founded by the elegant person named “SATOSHI NAKAMOTO” and it was released to the public in “2009” and this is a vast field.

Here each platform is unique and they have many features in it because the investors want to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies, And crypto is one of the most commercial and successful platforms.

Since “2017” the crypto market is flourishing with lots of customers. This type of cryptocurrency exchange marketplace reduces the cost and time of the development.

Top Crypto Exchange in 2k19:


Here this GDAX was launched in 2016 and it allows people to buy, sell and trade digital coins.

“GDAX- Global Digital Asset Exchange”

And this is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.


This is the platform and it provides various trading cryptocurrencies and this is china based cryptocurrency.


The main goal of cryptocurrency exchange is to connect the people who want to sell and buy the cryptocurrency.


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