Decentralized Application (dApp) — Is this futuristic?

clarisco-decentralized application

In this anecdote, I tell about some astonishing new technology and also I share my discovery of a charming new technique (ie) “Decentralized application”. In this pandemic situation, we will face huge problems.

“Ready to start”

We know about App but many people do not know about the dApp.

“Probably the dApp is a different app?”

“Oh no, it is not a different app its a decentralized app”

Just come on I will make a clear definition of App:

This is software that just carries out some specific task and it is used by end-users. It’s mainly built for a mobile platform so it is known as a mobile app. Here it is participating in the internet.

“ISP- Internet Service Provider”

It is organized in various forms that are non-profit, commercial, and privately owned, and it also provides software packages.

Step it into the decentralized application:

Dapp is a Decentralized application and it is running through blockchain technology, every dApp has smart contacts (ie) executing code, and also the dApp interacts with the blockchain technology from an end-user.

1. This is an open-source

2.Here our dApp stores all the records and data in the blockchain technology.

3.Cryptographically secure protocol.

Here the system is controlled by an entity and it is more resistant.


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