We all know about the normal wallet, but what is a digifox wallet?

Ok, let’s move on to this.

A digifox wallet is a non-custodial smart contract wallet. This wallet offers both the defi(Decentralized finance) and cefi(Centralized finance). The wallet is used in both the IOS and android, by using this digifox wallet we can swap the cryptocurrencies. This is the platform to swap coins, earn interest.

The digifox is an ethereum smart contract wallet. And that the digifox was launched by the crypto traders and also a Youtuber whose name is “NICHOLAS MERTEN”. This is powered by a “KEBER”. This platform activates “multi-factor authentication” and it creates another security layer to your phone and an email.

Now we let’s see about the legend “NICHOLAS MERTEN” who is he?

He is a great legend, a Youtuber, and also the founder of Datadash. He has the largest cryptocurrency youtube channel with 330,000 subscribers. In space, he is a crypto analyst and such an international speaker and also a thought leader. To understand the potential market, over 8 years of experience in the traditional market.


In this digifox wallet, we did not directly access your funds, or bank, or any other.

In the digifox wallet, the users are categorized by different levels. They are.

  • Platinum status
  • Gold status
  • Silver status.

You are familiar to use the private key (ie) is used to (recovery or any kind) and that key is used to secure the funds.

By using this private key you can secure your funds from a 3rd party. So we created the digifox wallet so simple for the users. While using digifox we offer some different ways to simply managing your funds.

Here the users can download the digifox wallet from the google play store.

We give 2 different options(ie).

  • Sign up (Create Wallet)
  • Recover (Import Wallet)

Sign up (Create Wallet):

To signup, it will ask for some simple details to fill your profile (User name, Phone number, Wallet pin, Email id, etc.)

To check your email id and phone number we give to send an OTP number.

In a single wallet application, you don’t maintain multiple accounts. At a given time users can access only one account.

Recover (Import Wallet):

Digifox does not allow multiple wallets while in a single application. Suppose there is a need to import the wallet first you sign it out from the existing one.


To receive tokens you can share your public address and also a QR code.


To send the tokens to another account you can use the QR code scanner.


You can swap the tokens here. If you want to buy a coin you can use a bank account or a debit card.