How Does Cryptocurrency — Occupy All Over The “WORLD”?

Visualize our world in 30 years. Did you know about and think of the time machines.? Yeah, we see the time machine in Dramatic and fiction movies. Enter into this topic.

We all know about one of the trending robots that are similar to the humanoid “ROBOT” called a “SOPHIA” developed by a HANSON ROBOTICS, she was unique in “2016”. In 2008 a bitcoin was introduced by a “SATOSHI NAKAMOTO”.

Most of the people were tired of the traditional banking system. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are used by blockchain technology. It means millions of users can share their data, files, and assets without the involvement of intermediaries(third) parties.

Cryptocurrencies are one of the conclusive investment instruments and this is the strong point. No one cannot check your account, even mining or making transactions. Anyone can use it. If your account is eligible for having an account you can easily make your transactions.

Blockchain has strong security so it is impossible to hack an account. Here all the information is stored in the nodes if any of the nodes get hacked but other nodes still store the information.

The transaction fees are quite low which is mostly compared to what the bank asks for, here the central authority is removed from this process. The transaction is fast and is mostly anonymous.

“This is the big change to make finance all over the world”.


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