Initial Exchange Offering

2 min readAug 17, 2021


IEO is a fundraising event to raise capital by selling utility tokens on the exchange.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO):

Initial Exchange Offering is a fundraising mechanism that is referred to as (IEO) it startup raises money through a trading platform where the issuers create a token for their projects.

This IEO is closely followed by an STO (Security Token Offering) s carried out through crypto platforms and exchanges. This is a token-based fundraising platform.

It meets the necessary commitments. Using the IEO fundraising by using the IEO fundraising reduces the burden KYC/AML process on the issuers and it takes the responsibility and verifies the projects and the investors. With a leading crypto exchanges company that has a strategic partnership to start your crowdfunding campaign.

Is it different from ICO:

Through an IPO (Initial Public Offering) both the IEO & ICO follow the fundamental practice. Here the platform shares the tokens. It ensures a secure transaction. And it raises the capital for the company.

  • Fundraising environment
  • Screening
  • Smart contract

Fundraising environment:

To conduct the fundraising process the admin and the investors have an admin dashboard, here the fundraising takes place at the exchange.


In boarding investors, they manage the exchange and it saves the cost, time, and also resources.


It reduces your cost of compliance, the projects, and the investors based on their parameters.

Smart contract:

Here the smart contracts are managed by the exchanges.