Introducing WoW Swap

“Let’s enter into the decentralized world”.

Ok we know about the swap, there are a variety of swaps in the trading world. That is like a (Pancake swap, Sushi swap, etc.).

Now we let talk about WoW swap. At first, we must know about the pancake swap.

Pancake swap — It’s the swap this is a decentralized platform that is used to trade cryptocurrencies and also trade a token without the intermediaries and this is not a centralized one. Where the pancake swap is built on the smart contract and that is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. Those are run on the crypto exchange binance.

Through the pancake swap, I think now you get a little bit of information about a pancake swap.

Ok, what is WoW swap, what is that?

That WoW swap is a decentralized leveraged trading protocol. That is based on the Binance Smart Chain in a pancake swap decentralized.

In that pancake swap, the investors only trade the tokens, but in the WoW swap you can easily buy and sell their favorite tokens 5X leverage and they borrow extra BNB in their lending pool.

WoW, swap is easy as a pancake swap and that is automatically borrowed from the liquidity pool.

By using 1 BNB that able to buy your favorite tokens for 5 BNB so that way you can get extra 5 tokens more.

Buy original token now you will receive a proxy token. When you decided to close your trading position automatically the proxy tokens are converted into an original token.

When you swap proxy tokens that are backed into the BNB and then receive a multiplied profit.



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