Lending: Our Idea changed the Market and rocking it now

I am a Cryptocurrency enthusiasts working for CLARBLOCK. We delivered around 70+ projects to our clients as freelancer and started a company in name of CLARBLOCK. we are group of crypto enthusiasts working together to form a company. Many of our clients are earning in millions now.

Lending By means of Application. Both the user will be gained and the one who runs the platform will also gain out of it

One of our Client Started running a cryptocurrency exchange platform in the mid of 2013. After a year of successful run he came back to us to add additional features to his web application.

We delivered that platform in PHP. We didn’t even follow any framework at that time, which only have a basic trading system — buy and sell for three pairs. He even not had a Trading chart in his web application.

He approached us to develop his platform by adding more features. We asked him what he needs to be in his web application. But his reply was something i couldn't believe. He need a crypto banking system in which users can login for free and he can get loan to trade and he can settle it back with interest. He asked us to give us the workflow that should gain him too. So we took 2 continuous days to check about it and tried to find a solution for him. One of my team member came up with an idea that we can move forward like how bank works.

For Example: We can make A category Users to deposit their cryptos to get interest by making their cryptos work for them- So people who have money and no time or knowledge to trade will make use of it.

Then he added, “We can give B Category Users to get their loan by using the cryptos deposited by A Category users. This system Will helps who have time and excellent trading knowledge.

On putting those thing on my clients knowledge he was very happy. At that time it was an innovative solutions he heard. Then we the team of 7 worked for 2 months and made it to work and delivered into market. Now this is Roaming this field in name of Lending. We proudly says we started this lending Method. Initially launched this feature and now it is in the peak and popular in this market.

We people were not working for a big company at that time. We started our time as a freelancer now started as a company. Here we are ready to serve 50 Clients in a time with a team of Crypto enthusiasts.