NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Gaming

Today we let discuss some interesting spicy peak topics. We all know about games, but most of them do not know about NFT gaming.

We all are like to play games with our favorite one. Games have many varieties (ie) indoor games, outdoor games, and also video games.

“But what is NFT gaming? How we will play this?”

The gaming field is interesting and entertaining for us.

The board games are called a senet.

Nowadays the gaming field using some innovative and unique technology to attract users.

Now we are going to see about some mind-blowing topics.

NFT Gaming World:

NFT gaming makes some valuable features in the gaming world.

In the real world, the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) creates the player’s games into real collectibles, assets, and also artifacts.

In the digital asset marketplace, the gaming card in virtual land turns into a real-life event you can sell or trade it.

Popular NFT games:

  • Alien World
  • Evolution Land
  • Guild Guardians
  • Chain Guardians

Alien World:

Alien Worlds holds the highest spot on DappRadar for 24-hour users in both dapps and dapp games, outranking the likes of Uniswap and has quite 1 000 000 users. Trillium (TLM), Alien Worlds’ in-game currency is on the Binance Launchpool and has been listed since the 13th of April, with the pairs BTC, BUSD, and USDT.

As pandemics were raging across the world and human civilization seemed to be doomed, a Bitcoin mining organization made a discovery that altered the trail of human demise.

The Federation, the foremost advanced Bitcoin mining organization on Earth discovered hidden messages in their algorithms, sent by an overseas civilization in an exceedingly isolated universe. As they deciphered these messages, they found that it had been a map to a wormhole, that ends up in a remote metaverse.

They began to make and found a replacement civilization and a good economy.

Alien Worlds consists of 6 planets with various characteristics and therefore the recent partnership with Binance, led to the invention of a replacement 7th planet. the sport is predicated on NFT cards, which are the players’ avatars, minions, and land ownership within the game. Explorers can buy NFT packs, and stake them on the assorted planets to mine Trillium.