The Billionaire “ELON MUSK and the DOGECOIN”


Nowadays one of the spirited topics is “ Do you want TESLA to accept DOGE?” This topic is spread like a wildfire.


Ok, who is ELON MUSK?

He is one of the business magnates and also “founder, CEO, CTO, and chief designer in SpaceX” who co-founded “Paypal” one of the early investors in “TESLA”.

“TESLA — An electric car company”

Musk is one of the richest person in the world, and he conveys his opinion about cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. One of the customers purchased the “TESLA” vehicles with bitcoin; here the carmaker bought “$1.5 billion” equal to the “INR=500 CRORE” worth of “bitcoin”.

Based on this, these currencies need nearly 80,000 dogecoins or 0.7 bitcoin.

What’s this “DOGECOIN”?

Already we know cryptocurrency,

“DOGECOIN” = It is also known as cryptocurrency and it’s just like the same as “bitcoin and ethereum”.

Dogecoin was created. This is the part of lighthearted enthusiasts for crypto, here it looks from one of the popular memes. It was created in “2013”.

“5th largest cryptocurrency market caps and It exploded in “2021”.

“DOGE= Shiba Inu Dog”

This is not a joke in 2021 the value is nearly around 5,000%, the dogecoin is one of the favorite cryptocurrencies.

The MUSK promised to plant a physical dogecoin token on the moon.

This is the secret of “DOGECOIN”

See About “ HOW DOES IT WORK”:

This “Dogecoin” works in blockchain technology, and it’s just similar to the “BITCOIN and ETHEREUM” where the transaction is fully decentralized with digital currency.

“DOGECOIN is based on the cryptography where the transaction is fully secured”.

Here it can be used for payment and also for purchase, and it holds up over time.

All the holders carry out the identical copy of the dogecoin and it updates all the transactions. The miners used to solve the mathematical equation and record it on the blockchain is called a “ proof-of-work” system. It supports the blockchain ledger and it can be sold on the open market.

Am eager to buy this. How Can I Buy this?

You can buy it on Binance and Kraken and also you can buy it or exchange it. And also you can buy it on assets such as stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. Dogecoin is generally available.

Purchasing the dogecoin is a way to where the coin moves into the crypto wallet. Here the wallet is secured with some private passwords.

That’s all about “DOGECOIN and ELON MUSK”

“This Article has some crispiness”


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