The NFT Rabbit Hole

Join us. I take into a paradise filled with some NFT digital art and it has some hidden treasure in the universe of NFT.

OK, what do you know about NFT?

“Little bit of them know about NFT”.

This is an exciting new technology and many innovations are brought up by the blockchain.

“In this article, I just added some crispness and sweetness. Search for a diamond dive into this article.”

The NFT-(Non-Fungible Token) is not replaced by another identical item easily, it’s not mutually interchangeable and it’s very unique.

The technology is used in many fields like digital art, gaming certification, domain name, music, fashion, collectibles, insurance, and also finance.

My Controversial:

This is one of the parts that line up my bitcoin that is art critics and also environmentalists. Here motives attack bitcoin, crypto, and also NFT.

Digital artists using NFT and that technology change every part of our life. This is a unique technology in the NFT.

The small NFT rabbit hole jumps inside the world of digital art.

Who is Mashine?

NFT creator and artist based in Switzerland and the MASHINE is a traditional painter and a well-leading visual artist. By using underground digital art you can easily find the NFT on rarible and also open-sea.

NFT-(Non-Fungible Token):

Right now there is a lot of hype. This is most exciting and enthusiastic. This NFT has a certain blockchain network it creates some unique and indivisible tokens but it cannot be directly exchanged for another and it is named an NFT.

Fungible Token:

In this blockchain, cryptocurrencies can easily be bought and sold out and these are not unique. Here 1 bitcoin is equal to the same amount of a bitcoin. Bitcoin is equal to the amount of 1 bitcoin that is owned by one person where they are owned by another person. The currencies are tracked and they have a capitalization. This is multiplied by the number of tokens in circulation times are held in wallets and they are bought and sold on different exchanges.



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