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Let’s talk about cryptocurrency wallets. Yeah, we all know “WHAT IS WALLET” But we don’t know about the “Cryptocurrency Wallet”. Nowadays this cryptocurrency wallet is a trending topic. “Jump into this article”.

Normally we know what a wallet is, it just helps to store the money and the cards. Now we enter into the topic, “WHAT IS CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLET?”

The traditional currencies are digital currencies(ie) “ethereum, ripple, bitcoin, etc”. Alright we see our physical currency and that has some shape but in these cryptocurrency coins it does not have any shape or form and it can be stored anywhere.

The entire system is fully decentralized and here the transactions are run in the blockchain network and if you want to trade or store the currency you must have a cryptocurrency wallet. This cryptocurrency wallet avoids such risks.

“Nowadays it creates global attention”

Entered into our topic:

The “crypto wallet” is just equivalent to the “conventional wallet” and also it stores fiat currencies. Here this wallet is a software system and it stores a public and private key.

There are 5 types of wallet:

types of cryptocurrency wallet
types of cryptocurrency wallet

1.Web wallet

2.Mobile wallet

3.Software wallet

4.Paper wallet

5.Hardware wallet

“OK we saw the types of wallet, then how is it working? Ok ok, I will tell you.”

Working of crypto wallet:

Here the Crypto Wallet is tied up with the blockchain technology where the wallet has two types.

1.Private keys

2.Public keys

Public keys:

“Here the wallet address store and access the fund”

Private keys:

“It is safe to use and it doesn’t share with anyone”

“Those are in encrypted”

Here the market is profitable and also it is reliable.


1.User convenience

2.Less cost




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