What is Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

initial coin offering


Nowadays there has been a lot of confusion about the ICO (ie) Initial Coin Offering and also called Token Sale or Token generation.

Here Financial is an essential part of our day-to-day life, Money is necessary for any exchange in the real world.

“In 2017 first ethereum was launched and ICO is a good investment”.

“In 2013 where the first ICO was carried out, the successful example of ethereum is an ICO and in 2014 raised over $18.5 million in its profit for the investors.”

What is an ICO?

This ICO is represented as an Initial Coin Offering. This is the crowdfunding method and it’s very popular in the crypto space world and this is used to create a new coin. The ICO does not need the authority or ownership of the projects where they are investing it, The ICO cryptocurrency can be sold later where the price is higher than the buying price and also it makes a profit to the investors.

What is an IPO:

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, both ICO and IPO are totally different but slightly similar. Here the IPO is released by a company to share or sell the portion of stocks to the public, this is the profitable engagement for both and also the company attracts the investors and it raises the capital.

NOW let us see how it works?

The ICO uses a platform whose name is “Ethereum” because it allows a “decentralized application (dApps)” with the help of a “smart contract” and they built a new dapp for raising the funds in a new venture.

Here our investors interact with the dapps to send their “cryptocurrencies” and they receive as an ICO token by using this method they raise their projects.

What is “WHITE PAPER”?

“The only white paper we know is an exam paper”.

Then what is a white paper in an ICO, “Let’s Wait and Watch”

The White paper is a “key document” that provides a complete document about the ICO project and it covers all the inner working of the projects (ie) how the system works, what are the funds used for the projects and what features it has, by using this way we can easily solve the real problems in the business or industry. This project already has existing investors and so on

And also the white paper includes all the information like technical information about your projects and it gives enough information about those projects, it’s very hard and it took nearly 200+ hours of work. By this the team takes ownership of the documents, Once the white paper is completed it gives detailed feedback.

Advantages of an ICO:

1.An ICO is easy to conduct.

2.Here the investors receive an equivalent number of new tokens.

3.The ICO plan succeeds and the investors can gain double their investment.



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