What should we think about building a Decentralized Application from a business with an architectural design perspective?

It’s gonna be based upon my experience and facts. The blockchain ecosystem is very fast growing and changes are often. So by reading this, there could be no Ethereum blockchain, the majority switched to a competitor or whatever is. But I don’t think that it will become outdated in near future.

What is Blockchain:

In a centralized system, everyone has authority, and it’s just like the jury, who would say ‘okay, let me show you your ID’ — so now you can claim your prize. But the problem is still. There is no chance of manipulation. But, what is the jury behind the manipulation? Whether the system gets hacked?

In the end, you just have to trust one authority to sign up your drawing, which makes it fast and easy to do it. Also, when the signing happens, it has to be managed by this authority.

In a decentralized system, where all the artists of the group would have two random keys: The first one is used for the public and the other one is used for private, it is kept just for yourself.

This is the idea which is to use this as the private key to sign up your work, using your private key, which is easy to create the drawing.

When you want to sign up your picture, for example, bind your Name and your private key together, create a unique hash key of work. Now everyone can easily verify that it’s from you. But only you can prove that it’s your work.

Every time someone wants to publish their drawing, everyone needs to put a reference to the latest drawing and they’re hashed together with the block, and the chain. If the mathematical problem has been solved the process of mining. The miner, who solved the difficult problem, and got a verifiable solution.

In DApp, what is a smart contract?

Here the smart contracts are ‘software codes’ which run on a blockchain and they are self-executing, which means there is no central authority to run in the software. The dApp is a decentralized application, and here it runs on blockchain technology.

The whole system can begin with the jury deploying a smart contract.

To add a drawing in the system, you wish to pay a predefined fee, which is added to the ‘pool’ in the contract.

Everyone can see the added drawing in the system.


Keep in mind that the user must have to pay a transaction fee. Let’s think about what you compute on this blockchain. Make a creative and get an alternative solution. In a high transaction, real-time applications are currently impossible. The decentralization games are in general feasible to implement Ethereum.